Depending on the purpose, there are other types of real estate values ​​that are reasonable to estimate.

The tax value , calculated by the tax authority, is determined for the purpose of taxing land and wealth. It is generally between 70% and 90% of the market value.

In the event of partial or total loss, the insurance value (ECA) aims to estimate the value of a property if it is necessary to restore it to new (renovation or reconstruction). This value only takes the frame into account. The land being the subject of a separate contract.

To obtain a loan secured by a real estate pledge (mortgage), your property will serve as a pledge. In this context, the collateral value is the part of the value of your property that the bank agrees to finance.

The real value is made up of the value of the land plus the construction costs necessary to rebuild a building similar to new, less the depreciation due to age.

The yield value is the potential rental value of a property over the long term.

The hedonic method

It is a computer-assisted statistical evaluation method . The program compares the characteristics of your apartment or your house to a database to give a real estate estimate . It is made up of similar goods that have been the subject of a transaction in the recent past and whose selling price is known . This method makes it possible to refine the estimate of your accommodation.

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