My husband and I retired in our early 60s. We have a moderate income, life insurance and savings in CDs of under. We have no debts other than the ordinary month-to-month kind. We own a villa in Florida for which we paid and a four-plex worth at least. We spend seven months of the year in the four-plex and the other five in Florida. Valuation is necessary to conduct the process of Gold Coast Property Valuation .Are we doing the right thing, or should we be investing? – W.C., Richmond, Ky.If it isn’t broke, let’s not fix it!

It sounds like you are doing fine, although I question the in CDs, since you could do better.You are living a good life, you are not in hock up to your ears, and you are spending time in two parts of the country that you like. What could be better than that?The only major change I would make is to put the to work a lot harder than it is in the CDs.My husband and I are in our early 40s. He makes a year, and I have always been a homemaker. We have just woken up to the fact that you have to start saving for the future. 

Gold Coast Property Valuation

Our assets are meager, but we have equity in our home and our old cars. My husband’s income is not likely to increase. We need to base our savings potential on what he earns now. Is it too late for us to build some sort of a nest egg? What would you suggest? Don’t be surprised by our lack of planning; we have many friends that are in the same predicament. – J.H. Muskogee, Okla.It seems to me that the only way that you two will be able to play any kind of a successful catch-up game is to put you out in the workplace.

You have mentioned that you have always been a homemaker, and it may be that you will have to learn new skills or take a relatively low-paying job.Let’s assume that you were to get a job for a year. For the next 20 years, you would gross all of which, less taxes, should be saved, since you are doing this so late in the game.It would give you enough money to retire in reasonable comfort.I have some Series E bonds and a young nephew who is interested in old bonds. He would like me to sign them over to him. Would it be to our advantage? – C.S. Lowell, Mass.It is necessary to have Gold Coast Property Valuation to know the current value of your property.